Common Sales Rules

26/09/2019 0 By Ujjal Dutta

1. Sales people
A sales people is an individual who performs all the activities associated with selling a product or a service. Synonyms for salesperson include sales associate, seller, sales agent, and sales executive.

2. Prospect
A prospect is a point of contact at a company that the salesperson would like to sell products or services to. The salesperson uses prospecting techniques like making warm calls, email outreach, and social selling. And if they’re interested in the product or service, the sales rep can apply different sales closing strategies to turn the prospect into a customer.

3. Deal
A deal represents the product or service you’d like to sell and the price associated with it. Deals have multiple stages, which can vary depending on the business, its processes, products, and industry — and deal performance can be tracked. Sales people can put together deal plans to make the selling process easier on the prospect and the sales executive

4. Sales Pipeline
Sales pipeline is a term used to describe all the steps in your sales process. It gives salespeople a visual representation of where prospects are in the sales cycle.